Medical journal urged to ban Smoking

Medical journal urged to ban SmokingRespected medical journal The Lancet called for the outright prohibition of Smoking and ad sales of tobacco outside the law. Bad habit called "crime" and "fascism in relation to the health of a person. In his editorial in the journal writes: "We appeal to the government of Tony Blair demanding to ban tobacco". In particular Lancet concerned about Smoking in workplaces and public places. According to the authors, passive Smoking annually kills thousands of British. Only one this ban would save lives 150-300 thousand people. Читать полностью -->

years Later BMJ doubted the authenticity of the published article

 years Later BMJ doubted the authenticity of the published articleThe editors of one of the reputable medical journals, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) - announces investigation on the authenticity of scientific facts, published in one of the rooms of the magazine in 1992. The author was Dr. RAM Singh (Ram B Singh) from the Indian city of Moradabad (Moradabad). Similar doubts have been expressed on this week, another influential journal The Lancet, which was directed by another article of the Indian doctor. Suspicions about juggling of the facts and fit figures appeared in the edition of the BMJ almost immediately after the publication of the article Singh, after he sent the results of numerous successful studies. However, the features of the magazine is limited, the burden on reviewers significant, and to find in India, the institution would be able to check data at the time seemed almost impossible. Читать полностью -->

Circumcision protects against AIDS

Circumcision protects against AIDSA prospective study 2,298 Indians showed that circumcision eight times reduces the probability of getting HIV infection caused by a virus HIV-1. Dr. Reynolds submitting monitoring data at the conference of society for Infectious Diseases (Infectious Diseases Society of America - IDSA) in October this year in San Diego noted that there is every reason to assume these results will be confirmed by the research, which organises in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. The probability of getting AIDS in case of contact with the patient is a carrier of HIV-1 is 5.5%, and a stripped-down men the risk is reduced to 0.7%. Dr. Reynolds said that circumcision " is not a substitute for condom use in developing countries for the prevention of AIDS. Читать полностью -->

In the Penza region to develop measures for the control of avian influenza

In the Penza region to develop measures for the control of avian influenzaIn the Penza region developed a complex of measures to combat avian flu", said on Thursday the head of the veterinary Department of the Penza region Michael Galakhov. "Despite the fact that in the Penza region has not yet identified any cases of avian inuenza, all poultry farms go to work behind closed doors, will be excluded mass access to premises with poultry, prohibited the holding of various seminars and presentations on the territory of the farms," said Galakhov. According to him, all Penza poultry now have to send in the veterinary Department weekly reports of bird deaths. In addition, all the veterinary doctors prescribed regularly inspect domestic chickens and ducks. In the coming days in the veterinary laboratory will start to arrive in the analysis of blood samples of birds from poultry farms, private farms and wildlife, said Galakhov. RIA "Novosti"". Читать полностью -->

For those who want to put on weight

For those who want to put on weightIf you do not belong to the part of women who are dreaming to get rid of his lush roundness, you probably dream of the roundness to find what to do, by the way, is much more complicated. In the last century, when thinness, especially for women, was considered, if not a Vice, it is a great disadvantage, Russian healers used this recipe: 300g internal lard, 6 large green apples, 12 egg yolks, 1 Cup sugar, 300 grams of chocolate. Apples chop finely, mix with the fat and heat over very low heat so as not burnt. Pass through a sieve. Mix yolks with sand, add the chopped chocolate. To mix. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow started the week immunization

In Moscow started the week immunizationWeek immunization will take place in Moscow from 17 to 23 October, according to the chief state sanitary doctor of the Minsk Nikolai Filatov on Monday at a press conference. N. Filatov said that immunization week is an initiative of the European regional office of the world health organization. According to him, vaccination is recognized worldwide as the most efficient, economical and affordable tool in the fight against infections. N. Filatov said that in the capital the number of resident population exceeds 9 million, and taking into account visitors increases by two times or more. Читать полностью -->

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